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We are professional
We are constantly learning, developing and improving
We spend time together
We are socially protected
We value stability
We develop and change
We value everyone's personal time
We are a solid hearty & friendly team

Our Values



Being a professional for us is reaching the high level of expertise in our work. Each of us maintains high quality standards and develops the competency in everyday work. For this purpose we are:

  • learning and growing as professionals
  • engaging the best ones
  • doing our work well


We exist as a company, because there is a client, whose needs we want to satisfy. Our clients are not only buyers, but also our colleagues. To create user friendly and useful product, we are:

  • appreciating and hearing the clients
  • providing a splendid service and constantly improving it
  • exceeding expectations


We value our efforts, which is why it is important to be effective. We shaped all of the company processes being guided by this value. Every day we are:

  • result-oriented
  • rational in using our time and resources
  • searching for and choosing optimal solutions
  • fast and flexible in our actions


Being open helps us to be a strong and confident team. We trust each other, value open communication and transparency in the company processes. That is why we are:

  • engaged in open discussions
  • open to alternative opinion
  • providing and receiving feedback
  • acting transparently

A Team

Every team member feels responsible for and proud of the common result. We are ready to help and to ask for help. Each department, each team, and each of us is a part of a big ProSteer Group company.  We are:

  • cooperating to reach our goals
  • taking responsibility
  • acknowledging the contribution of each member
  • celebrating victories

Our HR department

Daria Posokhova

Daria Posokhova


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