We Develop

Accta hot air rework stations

Accta Hot Air Rework Stations

First rework stations that are completely manufactured in Ukraine. Accta 301 and Accta 401 combine power, reliability, and affordability, which are valued both in Ukraine and all over the world. Other promising projects are being developed under Accta™, which will hit the market very soon.

Solutions for Car Camera Connection

GermesLab™ is developing their solutions that allow to quickly and easily connect cameras and various video devices to OEM car monitors. GermesLab™ product range consists of AV cables, camera connection cables, and RFCC adapter for connecting and controlling car cameras. New projects are continually being worked on

Car Plug & Play cables
IT Development

Off-the-shelf Solutions for Automated Sales on Amazon and eBay

We implement our solutions for work automation with Amazon and eBay. We have also developed a range of solutions for the local market. More to come…

We Sell

We offer a wide selection of products and services: from STEM toys to equipment for repairing electronics to web development services. Everything is sold via specialized online stores and websites.


Online store for measuring, soldering, fiber optic equipment, and other tools to repair electronics.



First and only specialized STEM toy online store in Ukraine. Learn and play with toys for brain!

Car Solutions

Car Solutions

Online store that focuses on automotive electronics, from cameras to video adapters. Exclusive representatives and developers of car electronics. We make cars comfortable!

IT Prosteer

IT Prosteer

Developing unique and innovative solutions that make businesses more efficient. Specializes in web development, e-commerce.